Large organisations typically use assessment centres as a method of selecting high performing candidates. They are far more accurate than a standard ‘interview’ as they allow a broader range of selection methods to be used during the process. They enable interviewers/assessors to assess existing performance as well as predict future job performance by observing candidates across a variety of exercises (e.g interviews, simulations, group activities). They are a fair process as they ensure that people are selected on the basis of performance and potential.

Assessment centres usually require the need for a large amount of paperwork such as; candidate briefing materials, assessor briefing materials, rating forms, candidate CV’s etc. Companies typically need to print, disseminate, process and store large amounts of paperwork when preparing, delivering and reviewing assessment centres.

As a result of using heavily paper-based approaches for assessment centres, some of the key challenges are as follows:

  1. Preparing assessment centres:

Printing and preparing assessor/candidate materials

Transporting materials (e.g. by courier)

Re-printing materials

2. Delivering assessment centres:

  • Manual error
  • Assessor quality assurance
  • Mis-communication (e.g. timetable changes)
  • Long AC days
  • No. of AC days
  • Legibility
  • Long-wash ups
  • Lack of candidate engagement
  • Assessor workloads – sore hands!

3. Post assessment centres:

  • Processing paper (e.g. photocopying, storing etc)
  • Writing feedback reports based on assessor notes/scores
  • Slow turnaround times (e.g. candidate feedback)

Paper-based assessment centres also raise the pertinent issue of data security and integrity. Sensitive data (candidate information, assessment materials) is often physically transported to and from venues. It could, and has been known to, get into the wrong hands when printed, used, and possibly left at assessment centres which could easily become a data breach.

All of the above aforementioned challenges scream the need for a digital, secure, and user-friendly system to enable paperless assessment centres.

TopScore is a Paperless Assessment Centre Platform that is used to support small and large-scale assessment centres. It solves the problems highlighted in this article, making the preparation, delivery and review of assessment centres much more automated, efficient, secure and enjoyable for all parties.

If you resonate with the challenges highlighted or for more information about TopScore please contact us: | info@topscoretech | +44 (0) 203 488 0493 

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