TopScore Technologies are a provider of digital assessment centre software, delivering a paperless platform, for in-person or virtual assessment centres & interviews.

What we do

The TopScore Platform streamlines the assessment centre process through a complete paperless approach, allowing for digital efficiency and focus in making reliable recruitment decisions. The Platform can be used for face to face assessments or to create a fully virtual assessment centre and/or interview experience with inbuilt videoconferencing.

Our Story

Our company was formed due to our Founders combined experience in assessment centre delivery and software development. Having had experience in designing, facilitating and assessing at 1000s of paper-based assessment centres, the TopScore system was built to address the many associated problems!

Our Vision

We provide our technology to create an optimal assessor, candidate and facilitator experience, whilst enhancing efficiencies and maximising cost-reductions during the assessment centre stage. We have done this by creating a tool that is simple, enjoyable, and works incredibly well.

Our Technology

Using our in-house software development expertise, we have built a configurable, highly scalable and resilient application using a solid and matured .NET framework, Angular and robust SQL Server database. We deliver our technology in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS). The platform can be accessed anywhere, therefore can be utilised for virtual assessment centres & interviews with in-built viderconferencing.

Why TopScore

Traditional paper-based assessment centres will be revolutionised in the following ways:

  • Automate what paper, spreadsheets and emails cannot
  • Eliminate the administrative burden before, during and after the assessment centres
  • Run virtual assessment centres with in-built videoconferencing
  • Inspire and engage stakeholders with innovative technology with real-time candidate and assessor performance data and actionable reports
  • Reduce assessor fatigue by making their role super streamlined
  • Showcase yourself to candidates as a forward-thinking, technology driven organisation
  • Conduct virtual assessment centres & interviews – with in-built videoconferencing facility
  • Keep personal and confidential assessment data secure
  • Password encrypted and IP address locked
  • Penetration and security tested with CREST accredited testers
  • Ensure data transfer from one source to another remains completely reliable and accurate due to technology automation
  • Monitor assessor bias and over-generosity and harshness, promoting consistency
  • Eliminate paper, printing and packaging
  • Reduce the negative impact on the environment

Digital Assessment Centre & Interviews (face to face or virtual)



Dashboard of scores and reports

  • Data-rich real-time collation of candidate performance data
  • Detailed insight into competency, strength and exercise performance
  • Highly visual wash-up matrices
  • Monitor assessor scoring to ensure consistency

Assessment centre management

  • Track on the day progress (including virtually due to worldwide access and inbuilt videoconferencing)
  • Which assessors are lagging behind? Which assessment forms are not completed?
  • At the click of a button see who is logged in, when and what the page they are on!

3 User views - in-built videoconferencing for all

  • Administrator (highest privilege)
  • Assessor (medium privilege)
  • Candidate (lowest privilege and most restricted)

Data transfer and integration

Send and receive data from other HR tools (e.g. ATS)



  • Create master schedules for assessors and candidates to individually see
  • Candidate drop outs? Last minute assessor changes? No problem, amend this on the master Scheduler for all to instantly see
  • In-built videoconferencing: virtual meeting rooms (1 to 1 and group) created automatically through the schedule

Client Branded

  • All screens, emails, reports, colours and the URL will be customised to client brand
  • Embed recorded videos for your candidates and assessor to watch

Digital note-taking & report writing

  • Capture assessor notes…. and be able to read them!
  • Allow candidates to submit typed work for allocated assessors (including remotely)

Feedback reporting

  • Generate instant candidate feedback reports
  • Delight assessors by auto-generating competency and behavioural feedback comments based on criteria scoring

Who we've supported

What our clients have to say:

“Using TopScore at our Assessment Centres delivered a more efficient process for our recruitment team, a better candidate experience and some excellent feedback from our assessors & hiring managers. A very worthwhile investment - one I’d highly recommend to other recruiters.”

Fidelity International, Early Careers Talent Acquisition Manager UK & Ireland

“It was great to partner with TopScore to develop a paperless assessment centre here at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence. The TopScore solution delivered everything we needed in terms of being more efficient and automated with the paperless software and using iPads for assessors. It allowed us to assess Graduates and Apprentices across multiple functions at our assessment centres. TopScore were great to work with; they ensured this was delivered in a short space of time and that it met all of our requirements. Look forward to working with them in the future. My colleagues in the Future Talent team also think the same”

BAE Systems, Senior Future Talent Manager

“We started using TopScore for our Graduate assessment days a couple of years ago and have not looked back! Our aim was to move away from paper assessments and TopScore managed to provide that for us at very short notice. The platform is really easy to use and our Assessors got to grips with it really quickly. It made the assessment days run much smoother!

Argos, Tech Talent Partner

“We used Topscore for our assessment days this year. The tool is very intuitive and easy to use and not only environmentally sustainable, it streamlined the assessment centre enabling greater accuracy, engagement and time efficiency. The dashboard with collated scores with various reports and insights was incredibly useful and allowed our assessors and facilitators to track assessment centre progress. We were able to make our hires quicker than before and the reports generated was very useful when giving candidate feedback. We won’t be going back to paper after this. Highly recommended!"

Bird & Bird, Head of Graduate Recruitment & Trainee Management

The Founders

Phin naughton

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Mithun Bose

Co-Founder & Technical Director

Contact Us

Sales & Support: 0203 488 0493

160-164 Grays Inn Road, Holborn, London, WC1X 8ED

Proud members of the Institute of Student Employers

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