Unlocked’s TopScore Story: “The feedback we’ve received from assessors is absolutely brilliant”

We spoke to Sophie Reynolds, Selection Officer at Unlocked Graduates, about working with the TopScore platform to support their virtual assessment centres. See some of the quotes from the interivew, with the full video below. 

“TopScore was incredibly good value for money… They met our requirements and offered to tailor the platform to meet our needs and really took an interest in what we needed”


“It’s very user-friendly… The feedback we’ve received from assessors is absolutely brilliant – not all of our assessors are that tech-savvy, so it was really important it was simple to use”


“Within a year, there has been so many improvements… There is now even a way to automatically schedule your assessment centres, which has saved so much time”


“We have a fabulous response rate from the support team”


“The score dashboard is really easy to break down each attribute we’re assessing”


“It makes it really easy having everything on ONE platform… No need for multiple spreadsheets or to send different zoom links to candidates, which I imagine would be quite chaotic”


“It’s been positive…. And that is why we have decided to go with TopScore for a second year running”


“Cost… it’s definitely saved us there!”

 Watch Sophie’s interview below